What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Scouts earning the 50-Miler Award while on a ~...

A Great Adventure?

Three of my children and their spouses and friends are canoeing the Boundary Waters for the next week – approximately 100 miles.  This involves rowing a canoe through the river and lakes along the United States-Canada border.  In some cases, there is no canoeing involved because there is no water — so you have to carry your canoe to the next body of water.  In addition, the camping is very primitive – not even outhouses – so it is truly wandering around in the wilderness.  There are seven young men and two young women (my daughter and my daughter-in-law).  My son, Tim appears to be the leader of this pack – so what could possibly go wrong?

Sprained muscles.

Broken bones.

Twisted ankles.

Bug bites (mainly very large mosquitoes – which some say is the state bird of Minnesota because they are so BIG!)

Bear attack.


Losing the food.

Losing one’s way.

Losing one’s mind.

And this will probably all happen in the first day!  Lord help them for the rest of the trip!


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    • Actually, I’m more worried about the wildlife they run into than I am about them! The kids can take care of themselves — the wildlife will be helpless!

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