An evening of grass and wildlife


Grass - not the kind you smoke!

No – we are not smoking pot and having hallucinations!

The grass I’m talking about is the kind you find in a lush, green lawn.  This green wonder is found at our new house, where they laid the sod today.  The house actually looks like a real home instead of a construction area (or as everyone kept saying in the moving “The Money Pit” – a missile testing site!).

The screens are on the windows and they have started the cleaning process.  In two days, we have our walk through and next week we start moving into our new place!  And now, we have a wonderful lawn on which the children can run barefoot.  The best part of this new lawn?  We don’t have to mow it, fertilize it or take care of it any way!

Our deer friends.

As for the wildlife part of the evening?  We drove across the highway to a different neighborhood and what did we see but a small herd of white-tail deer making their way to a lot full of clover.  There were three young bucks and two does.  These were really young bucks — their antlers are just starting to come in.

New grass and young deer make a wonderful evening!


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  1. What a difference a bit of grass makes!
    You and all your family are going to have many happy years in this house and I Wish You lots of Luck and GREAT happiness

  2. If Pat misses mowing the lawn, have him join the homeowners association landscape committee: the ‘Inspector’ can go out looking for weeds in the lawn and be able to refer the actual work to somebody else. Of course, he’ll also get phone calls because every weed will ‘belong’ to him!

    • I think he will keep busy doing his mother’s lawn, his friend’s lawn & garden and our daughter’s lawn & garden! He should actually just open his own landscaping and gardening business – and at least get paid for it!

  3. What?! You’re moving in next week? How fast this has been! Congrats on the new grass. It looks great. Luv the deer, although when they start eating the flowers . . . well, it’s great they can eat the clover and not bother anyone’s garden.

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