We are almost there — and the proof is the fact that the door has been painted and is waiting to welcome not only us – but also our friends and family to our new home!

All of the doors have been painted, all the walls have been touched up, the handles are on all the cabinets and blinds are in the bedrooms.

There are just a few little things to be done — the railing to the basement, the dishwasher moved under the countertop, sweeping, vacuuming – and it’s done!

The door was the important thing to me — I knew I had ordered it to match our shutters – but Pat kept insisting that I must be mistaken since they had left it gray for so long.  I was beginning to doubt myself – even though I was pretty darn sure I was right – so I was really excited to see my door all painted and looking beautiful.

The door is ready to welcome us home, to welcome our friends and family, to welcome new neighbors.  Our door is ready to be opened to the next phase of our life in our new home!


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  1. Congratulations! I’ve so enjoyed reading the progress and watching how excited you’ve gotten the closer it gets to being done. I think that’s the most fun – how excited you are about it all (as you should be).


    I cannot believe I am the FIRST to comment. Hoo-hee!

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