Ka-Bobbing with Boo Boo on His Birthday

Boo-Boo Bear

Happy Birthday my Boo Boo

Today is Boo Boo‘s birthday – not Yogi‘s best friend in Jellystone National Park – although this Boo Boo is in a wilderness area on his birthday and when he was a little boy, he used to follow his older sister around like she was Yogi Bear.

Boo Boo (or Bob as the rest of the world knows him) is celebrating his birthday in the boundary waters along the United States-Canadian border – way up north.  He is with two of his siblings and their spouses – and some good friends.  We couldn’t send a cake with him for his birthday — so hopefully someone at least gave him a mudpie (and hopefully not a cowpie or a deerpie – or worse yet – a MOOSEPIE!)

When asked what her Uncle Bob was doing in Minnesota, Lizzie promptly said, “They are Ka-bobbing!”

Ka-bobbing could mean any number of things –

  • They’ve lost the canoes and are bobbing down the river
  • They’ve lost the canoes and they are bobbing along on foot
  • They are ‘be-bobbing’ to music on their ipods
  • They have only lost Bob – and therefore have been ‘de-bobbed’
  • They have run out of food and are making kabobs out of the wildlife (or if Bob lost the food, he might become the kabob!)

When asked on what Ka-bobbing  really entailed, Lizzie explained in words and actions that this is when you take a long skinny boat, you put a bunch of people in it and you make them all paddle with long sticks!  I asked her if the long sticks were the kabobs (thinking of what I put on the grill!) – I was informed that I was being silly — the boat was the kabob, the people were the kabobbers and the sticks were just sticks which could be used to get the kabobbers out of the water if they fell in.

I should have known.


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  1. Well Katie, a sensible well educated lady like yourself..you should have known all about Ka-bobbing.
    seems perfectly feasible to me and Lizzie explained it so well.
    LOGIC my friend….

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