Me? A Fashionista?

A pile of nude and grey tights against a white...

Back in Style

I know it is hard to believe — but thanks to Princess Kate, I can now be considered a fashionista.  Just her name alone puts me on a special list (all of us Kates, Katies and other variations stick together!) – but her recent choice in clothing has apparently made me one of the people who ‘know how to dress’.

No, I’m not dressing like I’m a 20-something and she is definitely not dressing like she is in her 50’s!  She definitely does not wear the same size clothing as I do — I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn that size since kindergarten.  We are the same height (approximately 5’10”) – but I can honestly say I have not ever even thought of wearing some of the goofy hats she wears – and skinny jeans?  Definitely couldn’t get one of big toes in those!

So what has Princess Kate done that has made me a fashion guru?  She is wearing hosiery!  Over the years I have watched shows such as “What Not To Wear” and noted that women are no longer wearing any hosiery.  I think my daughters have worn pantyhose approximately 4 times in their lives and that was when they were about 13 years old!  Now, they wouldn’t even consider it  because it would hide their pedicures (which cost more than a pair of good pantyhose!).

There are lots of reasons to wear pantyhose – not the least of which is that they hide my very, very white legs!  Pantyhose also disguise the fact that I might not have gotten around to shaving my legs that week.  Pantyhose keeps my thighs from rubbing together and causing a fire.  They hold my belly and my butt closer to my skeleton – and keeps them from jiggling every time I take a step.  Pantyhose hide my varicose veins and any recent bruises from running into chairs and drawers (which happens a lot with my trifocals!).

I admit that I breathe a sigh of relief when I peel them off at night – and I have small fits of anger when I run them 10 minutes after I put them on.

So, why do I wear the darn things when the fashion police tell me I’m out-of-style?  I could say it is because they make me feel elegant – but the reality is that they make feel like my outfit is complete – and that my clothes fit better (it’s that whole part of holding in various sagging body parts).

Thank you Princess Kate for making me feel a part of the fashion world again!  Now, if I could find a way to get her to wear love beads and a floppy hat, all would be right with the world again!


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  1. I have not worm pantyhose for years.I find that they make me hot and sticky and I just hate it when they are not long enough in the body bit and you have that awful gap which gets tighter and more uncomfortable as the day progresses.
    I do not wear dresses very often now, more slacks or something so I can wear hosiery socks which are ok.

    So pleased that you like our Kate, she is a smashing lady!:-))

    • Bless my mother — she insisted I wear pantyhose even with slacks – especially when I was working as a dishwasher or waitress. She strongly believed in support hose – and I think that’s why the only varicose veins I have are from bicycle wrecks I have had (I’m a bit of a klutz on a bike!).

  2. Hehe. Love your list of reasons to wear ‘tights’. Gave up with them myself because they just make my feet go all cold and clammy – never mind the amount of times I can ladder a thin pair before even putting them on. It seems to be a bit of a generation thing round here, I know plenty of women who would think it highly inappropriate and immodest to step out without something covering their legs regardless of outfit or weather! Enjoy what works for you is what I say. 🙂

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