Not Long Now



Yesterday we had our walk-through of the house.  This ritual involves us walking through every single room (hence the term, walk-through) and trying to find things that need fixed before we sign the final papers — because once we sign the papers — all the fixing becomes our responsibility (I say ‘our’ meaning Pat’s!).

We were really impressed — the things which needed touched up were cosmetic in nature – and nothing major.  I think our builders (Hearthstone) did a really good job.  Our tour guide, Mark showed us how to use all of new appliances, as well as the thermostat – which is really cool because we can operate it from our computer!  Ahhh – technology is a wondrous thing!

We walked around the entire inside of the house – both up and down – and then we walked around the entire outside of the house!  It looks very nice!  It is the last time it will be really clean — I’m not bad housekeeper – but I’m also not a fanatic, so I’m sure that in no time at all there will be little fingerprints on the walls and after a while it will be easier to paint than to scrub walls!

We won’t be able to get in the house again until closing day and then it will be all ours!  We will spend all next week moving our stuff from the apartment – and also our stuff from my daughter’s house.  Pat has a plan in his head as to where all of his treasures are going to be kept — which will be out of my sight because he doesn’t want me to get the urge to through them away!

Soon – we will be in our new house.  Soon – Pat will have his ‘treasures’ around him.  Soon – I won’t have to SEE Pat’s treasures all around him!


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  1. This is getting so exciting…I cannot wait for moving day. How I wish I was there to watch ( not help)

    Have fun!

    • Day after tomorrow! Pat was going to move all week and be in by Saturday — but now he has decided that we will have the BIG stuff moved by Tuesday night so we can spend the night there!

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