No bears here!

The children have returned from their trip to the wilderness.  No one was eaten or mauled by a bear – the same can’t be said concerning mosquitoes!

Bob (my son) told me they did have a small scare about a bear just before they broke camp this morning.

When camping in bear country, you are supposed to keep your food away from the campers, in a ‘bear bag‘ which is suspended from a tree.  This keeps the bear from ripping into your tent and chewing his way to the nearest cooler.  In fact, the other thing forest rangers will tell you is not to bring bacon into bear country because bears LOVE pigs (sort of like the Bumble in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and those dogs in the commercials for Bacon Bites!).

The kids had tied the bear bag in a nearby tree and all was well until about 5 a.m. this morning.  That’s when my daughter-in-law, Sanaz heard a branch crack and knew there must be a bear trying to get their food – and therefore, way too close for comfort!  One of the young men in the group, took out his handgun and shot into the tree – in fact, he emptied his clip – which should have at the very least wounded, if not killed any bear who dared to take their rations!

As the din of the gunshots died away, everyone went to the tree to inspect the damage – only to find that Justin (the shooter) had indeed killed something — the “bear bag” and all its contents had been mortally wounded.  It would never again break a branch in the middle of the night – or hold any food for that matter!

In a matter of seconds, Justin went from hero to villain because not only had he rudely awakened everyone and scared the heck out of them — he had ruined the bag and its contents.  Lucky for him, the group was heading home and wouldn’t need the contents – or Justin’s hunting skills for any part of the trip!


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  1. That is funny!!!

    But it could have been a bear???

    Poor Justin, they won’t let him ever forget that………………..

    • Funny story — when they were looking closely at the bag, they found claw marks and teeth punctures. A bear? Maybe – more likely a raccoon — whatever it was, they scared it half to death!

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