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I saw the last installment of the Harry Potter series tonight – and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I haven’t read the books – but I do love watching the movies.  What’s not to love?  It has everything –

Good vs evil – where good wins

Young love

Not-so-young love

Hypocrites (sort of like a griffin)




and most of all Magic!

But it’s not just magic in the sense of wizards and sorcery — but the magic of friendships and people who believe in a cause.  The magic of a first kiss, of finding love and of having loving parents.

Yeh — I like Harry Potter – and I would hope there is a little magic in all of us so we can have the types of friendships and love that he has!

Now for my next movie?  Cowboys Vs. Aliens!  Who can resist the wild west, aliens, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in one movie!  It’s going to be a fun ride!


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  1. I went and saw that last movie last night- LOVED IT!!! I am on the 4th book-they get pretty lengthy! But I do agree with hope that there is a little magic in all of us! 😀

  2. I am wanting to see both of those movies! But I didn’t see the first part of this last movie, and cable is running all of them, so I plan to see them all in order first, then go see the last one at a theater. In the meantime I’ll go see C. vs. A. because it just looks like fun!

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