Do we REALLY have to take that?


This is the question I have been asking myself and my hoarder husband (he prefers to be called a treasure collector) every time I have opened a drawer, a closet or a cupboard over the last two days as we pack things to take to the new house. 

We started moving in on Tuesday night – which is why I didn’t post anything on that night (that and the fact that my aching body wouldn’t let me sit up, much less type anything!).  We were originally going to move everything on Saturday, but my hubby developed a longing to sleep in ‘his’ house that night – which meant we had to at least move the bed.  And if we moved the bed, we would need a dresser with our clothes so we could get ready for work in the morning.  And if we moved the dresser, we might as well add the kitchen table in order to fill the truck.  And if we moved the kitchen table … well, you can see where this is headed.

Wednesday we spent all day unpacking, going back to the apartment and packing some other stuff and then unpacking the same stuff.  Which brings us to the question at hand.

Is there really a need for a broken VCR, a really ugly picture made from fabric, another picture with a tire tread mark across the face, power/connector cords to only God-knows-what?  Of course, my answer is always a resounding ‘NO’, but my treasure collector/hoarder husband insists that he has a LOT of basement to fill with his treasures.  So, I calmly pack it in the box for the house.

The good news?  I’m the one doing the unpacking – so that ugly cloth picture and broken VCR may never make it to the basement — but I don’t think Pat will notice with all of his other ‘treasures’ he is going to take to his special place!


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  1. Oh poor Pat…him and his ‘treasures’ are always good material for your blog..please don’t get rid of him ( I meant it, the treasure)

    Did you get the card I sent via email?

    • Pat’s treasures are downstairs hidden from view. There are more to move – but I really can’t complain if I don’t have to see them! Thank you for the card – it was lovely!

  2. Goodness, and I thought this was going to be an opportunity for you to throw out the junk. I’d hate to move all that useless sh*t into my brand new, pristeen house. Ugh. You are much more philosophical about this than I would be, but I’m not married to a hoarder, just the opposite. I collect much more stuff than my husband. He can do without things. I can’t. Anway, good luck with the move.

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