Chocolate ice cream

The Road to Recovery

Now that I have started to get feeling back in my hands and arms, I can start writing my blog again.  You don’t realize how really darn old you are until you move a bunch of furniture and boxes!

I’m now able to feed myself with silverware again — for the last few days, I’ve only been able to stuff my face with whatever my hands and arms had the strength to pick up — thank goodness ice cream is so lightweight!

I’m hoping that by tomorrow my legs will stop feeling so rubbery – I feel like I have run a marathon carrying 80 pound ankle weights.  I have never actually run a marathon – but I’ve watched lots of episodes of the Biggest Loser and I’m pretty sure I know how it works!  I do feel like Jillian has been beating me up for a couple of days – which is why it was so important to make sure I ate lots of ice cream to keep my strength and stamina at peak levels!

In a couple of days I should be able to start walking upright again or at least without listing to one side like a badly damaged ship.  I will say that I am doing better than Pat who looks like the Tower of Pisa with legs!  Luckily, I can still eat ice cream in this position.

I am definitely on the road to recovery from all of the heavy lifting and moving we did this weekend.  I worked really hard – and apparently I have built a lot of muscle because the scale says I gained 5 pounds!


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  1. I gave up moving my own stuff when I was 40. I moved and my forearms were so sore the next day I thought I would die. I didn’t even know there were muscles in the forearms until then! After that I hired movers. Best money I’ve ever spent. No one over 40 (max) should do the actual hauling! Packing, yes, because you can wrap everything the way you want (I never get breakage when I pack) and label the boxes properly, but doing the lifting? No way. Had I known your plan I would have vociferously advocated for hiring movers! Glad you’re done but really, that’s what movers are for — to do the heavy lifting.

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