Heat Wave T-Ball


Who's on First, What's on Second, I don't Know is on Third!

I’ve loved watching Lizzie play Tee Ball this year (Liam thinks he is part of the team also since he has designated himself the ‘pitcher’ by putting a new ball on the Tee when it is the next person’s time to bat).  I didn’t start my own children in Tee Ball — so it has been a learning experience for me – and like watching a great Keystone Cops movie!  However, the recent heat wave has taken its toll on my little comedians – which makes it even crazier to watch.

At the beginning of this young team’s season (which lasts the entire month of June and July – one game each weekend – a grueling schedule for four-year-olds!) – there was a lot of tackling going on whenever a ball was thrown on the field.  Yes – this is a form of baseball – but when you are dealing with little guys who ALL want the ball – it turns into Rugby.  Children dive on the ball, cover it with their oversized baseball gloves and yell excitedly as they realize they have a ‘prize’ which they get to throw back to the parents on the sidelines.

Now, fast forward to the heat and humidity of late July — temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit with a heat index of 110!  The same team, standing in the field waiting for those balls to come their way – sweat running down their little cheeks, staining their black t-shirts and making their hair damp under their ball caps.  As the balls come to them, they all look at each other and with just a look and a shrug of shoulders seem to say — “oh, it’s okay — you can get that one.  I’ll wait until it’s cooler out here.”  or “Here comes another one, I’ll let someone else have it — it’s too hot to bend over for that one.”

Instead of a Rugby/Tee Ball game being played by the Keystone Cops, we now have a slow motion movie picture starring a bunch of tree sloths!  Oh well — although no score is kept in Tee Ball – but I think this season the tree sloths win – but next year the Keystone Cops will be back – at least until the next heat wave hits!


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