For Heaven’s Sake — Put on a Shirt!


Image by brixton via Flickr

I know you think you are a Fine Looking Man (FLM) and I’m sure your wife/girlfriend/significant other thinks you are one also – but there are those of us who really think you need to PUT ON A SHIRT!

I know it is hot outside and it’s hard to have that sticky material up against your skin  – but we women do it all the time and we seem to handle it quite well – so please PUT ON A SHIRT!

I know that you don’t want to grow old and in your mind you are on an even par with those men who pose for the Firefighter of the Month Calendars and the Calvin Klein underwear ads – but please PUT ON A SHIRT!

The young girls are not impressed — they are grossed out.

The middle-aged women think you are deranged and/or pitiful.

The old women laugh hysterically.

So, I beg of you – FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE — PUT ON A SHIRT!


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  1. So interesting … My husband and I have been having an on going discussion on this very subject for months… Our entire family runs… Son one runs on college team… Son two runs on high school team… Hubby and myself run for exercise.. Here in Atlanta … You see all kinds of men sans shirt .. And women in jog bras.. Both of whom would make a person come to tears… I don’t need to see the wrinkles nor the fat rolls…. Even on a 30 year old , fat rolls are not becoming.. Now… If it is a 20 year old in shape young man.. Take the shirt off ..and we can all enjoy …

    • Yes — but it is never the young ones who are showing off — it’s the ones my age – and I just don’t think that should be shared with the world — it scares the young people and babies!

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