The Youngest

My youngest daughter, Becky informed me that I write way too much and too often.  There was only so much to write about and some of my posts were just plain nonsense.  “Why do you have to write about Dad’s glasses and his shoes?” – Of course, I replied – “because it’s FUNNY!”  Plus, unbeknownst to her and her Dad – he has developed quite a following.  Yes, Pat has his own ‘groupies’ – too bad he doesn’t even know it!

As for writing too much – is there really such a thing?  I know that I have slacked off in recent weeks, due to moving into a new house – and just being too tired to remember who I am and how to spell my name, much less actually write a post – but too much writing?  I don’t think so.

Every time I write something, I think of new things – new words to use, new ideas to share, new stories to tell and definitely new ways to tell them!

I think what Becky was actually saying is that I write too much about the FAMILY and she is afraid some embarrassing stories might surface about her and be shared with the world (even though that world is confined to the few people who read my blog!).  Unfortunately for Becky, even if I don’t write specifically about her – there will be times when the embarrassment will spill over from a story about her siblings or her father.  That’s just part of being in this crazy, dysfunctional bunch.  She should be more afraid of the fact that I don’t write anything down that I haven’t already shared verbally with more than a few people – and those are people she might actually meet some day!    Silly girl – there are more things to fear than the written word – such as your mother’s overactive mouth!

So – as a ‘peace offering’ to my lovely, young daughter – I promise that I will try to keep the embarrassing stories to a respectable level – but in the end, isn’t that really all up to her and the rest of her siblings – not to mention her father?  And as for the ‘nonsense’ type posts – I can’t make any promises along those lines – as evidenced by this post!

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  1. You’ve earned the right to embarrass your children. Next lifestage: saying what you want without considering what people will think, because you don’t really care! (And hooray for Pat!)

    • I’ve more than earned it! And I can hardly wait to watch my grandchildren inflict the same embarrassing moments on their parents — talk about the sandwich generation!

  2. I know — don’t call him “Pat” any more — then we’ll all be fooled and will never, ever know who these embarrassing stories are about!!! (at least tell Becky you are using aliases — maybe she’ll feel better) I will come and find you and shoot you if you stop writing embarrassing stories about your family — they are so funny and universal in their appeal. Just compile all the best ones into a book, get it published, make a jillion dollars off it, and then she will be proud of you, not embarrassed! 😉

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