Blue-Footed Boobies and the Platypus


A Booby!

Say it out loud – “Blue-Footed Boobies” – and then say “Platypus” – and I dare you not to smile as you utter the words – are at the very least right afterwards.  There are just some animals that the very sound of their names invoke a smile, a grin, a chuckle and sometimes outright laughter.

I’ve always thought the Blue-Footed Booby was one of the funniest sounding animals around.  Before I actually saw a picture of one, I envisioned a bird that was the odd shape of a large mammary gland with funny blue feet sticking out from underneath. They aren’t near that silly looking – but they do have some wonderfully blue feet that would make a Smurf proud!


As for the platypus – this is an animal that definitely proves that God has a sense of humor – why else would he give us such a crazy animal!  It’s like God reached into a bucket of parts and just put together the first things he came across.  Out of the Tail Bucket came a large beaver-like tail, out of the Mouth Bucket came a duck-bill – and oh yea – let’s play a joke on the entire world and let’s make this a mammal which lays eggs!  And of course, don’t forget the man who named this strange creature – platypus – what a great name!  You can’t help but think of craziness when you say that name.

So – next time you need a smile – think of a Blue-Footed Booby (either my version or the real version) or a platypus – or any other silly creature (real or imagined) – and it will also put a bad hair day into perspective!


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