The First Day of School

An assortment of colored pencils

All Ready for the First Day!

I always loved the first day of school – the smells, the anticipation – even the nervous little butterflies in my stomach.  I remember…

The smell of new pencils, notebooks and textbooks.

A brand-new box of crayons – no colors missing.

The pinch of brand-new shoes.

Feeling wonderful in my first-day of school outfit – including new underwear and socks!

The joy of being just a little bit older (and wiser, I thought) than the previous year.

These are the same feelings I had every year – whether I was starting 3rd grade, 9th grade, my senior year of college or my first year of graduate of school – yes, even the first day outfit including the new underwear!


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  1. My Grand-daughter Grace is starting a new school in September and I know that she feels the tummy wobbles. It is a daunting prospect but after a month all will be well..
    It is very similar to starting a new job!

    • The tummy wobbles! I love it — what a great image – much better than butterflies! You have a great way of putting things.

      Hope Grace has a great day — tummy wobbles will go away when she meets her first ‘new’ friend.

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