One Month


Home is where the heart is.

It has been one month since we moved into our house!  Although pictures have not been hung on the walls (still deciding what goes where), end tables haven’t been bought (still trying to find ‘the right ones’), garage door opener hasn’t been installed (still trying to find the time) and patio furniture is missing (still waiting for the right set to go on sale) – it feels like home.  The house has been ‘baptized’ by Liam, we’ve had our first family barbecue and are settling into a routine.  Last night, Pat told me that it just feels right – like we will be here a long time – like he felt when we moved into our first house 30 years ago.

We’ve met our neighbors – which is weird because in the last few years we lived in our other house – and in the last year in the apartment, we didn’t talk to any of our neighbors.  It is nice to be amongst people who like to visit with those around them.  We aren’t all the same age — we have people with young families, newlyweds, retired and us — it is a great mix.  I’m looking forward to the years ahead and getting to know them and call them friends.  On the definite plus side — they’ve not called the police when my noisy bunch comes over for dinner — so they must be willing to put up with us!

One month may not seem long enough to put down roots — but if our new tree, sod and flowers can do it — I think we can too!

The pictures, furniture and garage door opener will eventually be handled — but the important thing is already done — our hearts have come home – and that’s all that matters.  The rest will take care of itself.


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  1. Is it really one whole time does fly!
    I am so pleased that you are both happy and have settled in well. It sounds as tho there are great times ahead..

    Have fun

    • Thanks! I’ll be happier when I have all the ‘junk’ out of my daughter’s house, sorted, thrown away and the ‘good stuff’ put into my house (should only be about two things!)

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