The Anticipation Builds…

Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, Walt D...

Dancing with Anticipation!

We haven’t had nearly enough excitement in our lives recently, so we decided to accompany our grandchildren to Disney World at the end of September.  I don’t know who is more excited, Jenny (my daughter), me, Liam or Lizzie!  Grandpa and Mike (my son-in-law) have never been to Disney World either – but they seem to be reigning in their excitement fairly well (Pat doesn’t tend to get excited about anything that doesn’t involve fish – so we may have to find some at the park!).

Jenny has been to Disney World multiple times – I have only been once, so she is definitely the expert.  However, I’m sure it will be totally different with Lizzie and Liam.  When Jenny took me about four years ago, I looked forward to the roller coasters and things I had seen on TV while growing up.  With Lizzie and Liam, we are looking forward to eating breakfast with the princesses and meeting Buzz Lightyear!  I’m sure seeing Tinkerbell float to the Magic Castle will be totally different from when I first experienced it – with Lizzie going completely nuts in excitement!

We are still trying to convince Pat that there are things for ‘big’ people to do – and that he will have to have his picture taken with Chip and Dale – and maybe even Goofy (although it will be hard to tell them apart!).  Maybe we can find Nemo – and then Pat will have a fish in the picture!


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  1. We went to Disney in USA when my daughter was 11 and like Pat I also thought that it was totally for kids. But I was enthralled with the magic that is Disney and I am sure that Pat will be too. He will forget all about ‘fish’

    have a great time!

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