Out of the Mouth of Babes


The Babe

In preparation for our trip to Mickey’s Home, Pat informed my daughter and her children that they shouldn’t be eating any fast food – all of their money should be saved towards our big adventure.  As always, Jenny listened to her father, nodded her head and probably didn’t hear any of what he had said (this has been going on since she was about Lizzie’s age).  Little did she know that her father’s words were going to come back at her in a couple of days!

As Jenny, Lizzie and Liam were leaving town for a short trip to see a friend, they pulled into McDonald’s for a quick bite.  Jenny told them “We’ll get a Happy Meal for you to split on the ride.”

Lizzie looked horrified and yelled at her mother, “Did YOU not HEAR what Grandpa said to YOU???  No fast food until after Disney World!  What is WRONG with YOU??”

Apparently small children hear very well and understand even better than some adults!


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