The Art of Storytelling


The story unfolds

This is a picture of Lizzie’s story.  Lizzie is four years old and loves to tell her stories with chalk.  This one is left on my front step and was told to me while we waited for Grandpa to come home.  It is quite a convoluted tale and it covers a lot.

While I would love to tell the story in Lizzie’s own words I know that I can not do it justice because you can’t see the chalk on her face or the excitement in her eyes.   You can’t hear the timber of her voice as she describes her adventure.  And most of all, you miss the joy of watching her draw her story.

So, instead I will handle this much as an art critic might handle the analysis of a beautiful piece of modern art – but in this case I’ll be much kinder and I know exactly what the artist meant!

The squiggly lines represent Lizzie’s journey to lots of different places.  “This is 500 miles, Grandma!  Just think – 500 miles!”

Lizzie wants to be a Storm Chaser with her daddy when she grows up – so the picture also has not one, but two tornadoes!

The story board

And what would tornadoes be without actual storm chasers!  They are hard to see because Lizzie draws her people as two eyes with legs and then she adds a smile (that’s exactly the order she draws them!).  I suppose that’s how she sees people – all eyes and smiles – but they have to get around, so they have legs!  It’s good to know that she sees people that way – nothing other than the windows to their souls and always smiling at her.  I wish everyone could see others that way!

Anyway – there are five storm chasers, Lizzie and Liam – yes, we included Liam because Liam saves Lizzie from one of the tornadoes – so he is important in the story.  There is also a ladybug – but not quite sure how that works into the story – must be a subplot she forgot to tell me about.

The last, but most important addition of this story is the Fan.  In the picture, this looks like a sunflower – but I was chastised for not knowing that this was the invention Lizzie is going to make which will sweep people out of the path of a tornado and into their basements where they will be safe.  She talks about this fan a lot – so she is pretty sure it will work.  It will also make a noise so people can go to their basements all by themselves if they can.

When the Fan was finished, Lizzie straightened up and said “Okay, we’re done.  We’ll draw another story tomorrow.”

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough for me!


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  1. On your new doorstep! Your sense of humour is better than mine would be..but I suppose it will wash off.
    Children’s imagination is fantastic!

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