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No abduction by aliens

I have become a slacker about writing every day on my blog – but it has actually led to some pretty interesting discoveries.

I’ve discovered that I won’t be struck dead by lightning, gain 20 pounds overnight or be abducted by aliens because I didn’t keep my promise to blog daily.

I’ve discovered that no matter how often I post, I generally get the same loyal people who read my blog – and I am truly amazed that they find it worth their valuable time.

I’ve discovered that even when I don’t write every single day – I’m still at a loss to write about things – so I get a little silly (mainly to irritate my youngest daughter).

However, all of these discoveries pale at the biggest discovery of all — that on days when I post nothing, people find the oddest posts of mine to read based on searches!  I never thought anyone would read my story about playing with a fishing pole, a soda can and a tennis ball ever again!  For the life of me, I’m not sure way people keep pulling up my crazy, discombobulated ramblings or want to read about my addiction to the Twilight Zone.  Then there is my post about my love of junk mail — which is still being read – although without the anger or confusion it inspired when first posted.  Perhaps the most surprising story that keeps popping up (or I should say hopping up) contains my musings on the residence of the Easter Bunny!

I’ve discovered that sometimes I’m the discovery for someone else!  How awesome (and bizarre) is that!?!


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  1. Only goes to prove what a good writer you are, old post, new post what’s the difference as long as someone enjoys reading it.

    Yes your post on Junk mail did get rather a mixed reaction, but that is why we are here. If everybody agreed with everything we said then it would be very very boring

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