I didn’t mean to.. it just happened


So much to do - so little energy!

I had plans — I was going to get so much done — catch up on some reading, catch up on the laundry, catch up on the housework – and maybe even work in catching up on my sanity.  But, alas – that was not to be.

I was sitting in my nice quiet house, absently watching an old movie, enjoying the nice afternoon when I apparently was whisked away by Mr. Sandman.  The last thing I remember is a commercial about Dove soap and then all of a sudden it was 4 o’clock!

I thought about blaming it on an alien abduction — but there haven’t been any recent sightings in the area — so I didn’t think that one would work.

I thought about blaming it on my lack of caffeine — I had only one can of Coca Cola this morning instead of my usual two – but I’ve been known to fall asleep after 5-6 glasses of caffeinated beverages – so that wasn’t very believable.

I thought I could blame it on the boring movie — but it was the Bourne Supremacy – which has lots of car chases, things blowing up and fights — so not really boring — not to mention that Matt Damon is just too cute not to watch!

Nope — I was just going to have to face the facts — I’m getting old (almost 55) and apparently I need my nap time!  I’ve noticed lately that I get very sleepy around 2 p.m. at work and have to walk around a little bit to get the blood flowing again (unfortunately, the walk usually entails going by a vending machine!).  I’ve found myself dozing in the car when we go for a ride to the grocery store – which is only 5 minutes away!  I’ve even dozed off while reading my Kindle!

And of course – the bad part about taking a nap this afternoon is that I am now wide awake in the middle of the night – so here I sit writing about sleep or more specifically, the lack of sleep!  Actually, it isn’t that unusual for me to be awake most of the night — it started right after the babies were born and has never gotten better.

I know!  I’ll make a list of things I need to do, turn on a movie full of action and good-looking men, turn on my Kindle and I’ll probably fall right asleep –after all – it worked once today, it should work again!


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  1. I enjoy my afternoon naps so much when I get the chance. I don’t even make excuses any more! I figure I must need them or my body wouldn’t try to go to sleep on the weekends when I’ve only been up for a while, had a meal, and then feel sleepy and want to lie down. I think being older gives you that right, right?!

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