Who Would Have Guessed?


My friend.

People have been making jokes about them for years  – the vicious mother-in-laws, the mother-in-laws who are too nosy, too bossy, too mean and too intrusive.  As women, we are trained from an early age that when we get married to the man of our dreams, we will have to deal with the mother-in-law from our nightmares.  We prepare ourselves for the worst – never being good enough for her baby, never cooking the right things for her baby, never being the right kind of mother for her grandbabies.

So, when I talk about my friendship with my mother-in-law, people think I’m just being nice because she is 82 years old – or that I have finally lost my mind.  No one is friends with their mother-in-law – absolutely NO ONE!  People think I just put up with her to keep peace with my husband – but the reality is that she has become my friend and my mentor.

I value her advice on problems relating to my family and my career.  She helps me be a better person by telling me about her life experiences – which give me a better perspective on my own life.  She was there for me when my mother died and has helped me through the times of my life when I needed extra support – like when all my children were teenagers!

Am I surprised that I am friends with my mother-in-law?  Not really – I’m actually more surprised that I am lucky enough that my friend is my mother-in-law.


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  1. So nice that you have such a wonderful relationship with your mother-in-law. I think that’s the way it should be — you both love him so much, right?

    I was on vacation for 2 weeks so missed being able to read your blog. Seems like you are settling into your new place! Good to be back and to be able to read your entries!

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