Tim – Rocks!


Iceland Rocks

I have noticed in my son’s travels that he inevitably takes a picture of himself on rocks.  Not sure why – but I have pictures of rocks in Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea – and probably others.  Most of us take pictures in faraway places in front of waterfalls, famous landmarks, beautiful landscapes – and Tim does have those too – but mostly it’s Tim with rocks.  Sitting on rocks, standing on rocks and even jumping between rocks.

Australia Rocks!

So what does it mean?  Is there a special hidden meaning to Tim’s affinity towards rocks?  Does Tim have a problem with rocks for which we should seek professional help?  Are rocks just naturally attracted to Tim and he can’t keep them away?  Does Tim have rock groupies – would that make Tim a Rock Star?

Malaysia Rocks!

I guess we will never know – it will have to remain one of those great mysteries of the universe.  In the meantime – I’ll just have to enjoy pictures of Tim and his rocks.


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