I’m not sure what is scarier …



I’m not sure which is scarier – Tim with a chainsaw, Tim with a really big gun, Freddy Krueger or the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The problem is the last two are fictional – and unfortunately, the first two options are very real!

Tim has spent a lot of his life destroying things around my house – ceiling fans, glass cabinet doors, siding on my house and hammocks – and all without the benefit of any big machinery or weaponry (except maybe the siding on the house, which was shot with arrows!).  So the thought of Tim with something that could literally cut up some very large items in very little time is a little bit – no a lot – frightening!

The good part is that he is learning how to stop forest fires — so he is combining his love of fire and his love of destruction into one thing! And the best part is that none of this involves anything I own!

So – to answer the question – which is scarier?  I’m going to have to answer Tim — with any type of weapon of mass destruction!  God Help Us!


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  1. Good morning Katie.
    I feel quite sure that the Fire Service will be giving him training in how and when to use chain saws and big guns, so have no fear…mmmm The Chainsaw Massacre, well that does get me thinking. Maybe he should start with something smaller ..like an electric carving knife!

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