Before and After


It has been really interesting to see how what my granddaughter, Lizzie has learned in her first couple of weeks in pre-school.  Being a hungry little sponge (NOT like Spongebob Squarepants) – she is picking up all kinds of new information.

She has learned the days of the week – not necessarily in the right order – or even in the same order every time she says them – but she knows their names.  Little does she know that once she grows up – the only days that really matter are Monday, Friday and Payday.

She is learning how to count past 10 – which is good because we would prefer she not take her shoes off to count a dozen eggs – can be very embarrassing in the grocery store – even if her toenails are nicely painted!

She is also learning that there is more to drawing a person than just eyes, a smile and legs – as we described in The Art of Storytelling – and as shown in this picture.

All Eyes and Smiles!

Now  she knows that people have bodies!  She has drawn some of us very well – round and roly-poly.  I don’t think she realizes how accurate her drawings are at this point.  I’m just hoping she doesn’t learn how to draw crow’s-feet and wrinkles!  I think I’ll hide that gray crayon too.

Way too realistic!


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