Dreamcatchers & Vindication

Dreamcatcher on Wall

No More Bad Dreams

A Dreamcatcher, according to Native American lore is used to snare the bad dreams before they enter your sleep.  They are quite intricate and beautiful pieces and in today’s world are used more for decoration than for their ability to promise good dreams.

In recent weeks, my granddaughter who has quite a vivid imagination (See Mummies & Vampires) has decided that she needs a Dreamcatcher.  I’m not sure where she heard about this wondrous thing – but she was positive she needed one because she really hates having those silly nightmares.

Her mother has been searching endlessly for one – in a price range she was willing to pay – because they are now considered ‘works of art’ – they can be quite pricey.  She has had no luck and Lizzie reminds her every day that she really needs one in order to have happy dreams and make the nightmares go away.

Well, today two important things happened – a Dreamcatcher was found for Lizzie and my hubby, Pat has been vindicated.  Yes – it’s true – the Dreamcatcher was found in the garage amongst his ‘treasures’, waiting to be found and put back to good use.  We have decided not to tell Pat because that would make two treasures in the last two months which have been found to be useful (the other was a cooler he dug out of the trash at the apartment).  I’m afraid if we tell him of this latest ‘victory’, the junk in the garage will never be sorted out and tossed – it will merely sit and wait, knowing that there will come a time when its usefulness will be recognized.

The good news – Lizzie insists that her bad dreams have gone completely away.  The bad news – Pat will probably insist on keeping everything in the garage and moving it to my new basement!  Isn’t there a Dreamcatcher to take that nightmare away??


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  1. You want to give him credit but can’t because it encourages keeping all the junk! What a Catch-22! I’m glad the dreamcatcher helped Lizzie, though. I bought one when we went on vacation for $10 (a great price!) and have not put it up, yet. This reminded me! I should do that.

  2. I knew it..I just knew it…that one day Pat would come up trumps…. so you see there is indeed treasure in them there piles of junk.
    I wished I lived near you then I could come and have a good rake through Pat’s treasure trove. I bet I could find something that would come in useful.

    I am pleased that you have a Dreamcatcher..my Granddaughter Grace has one in her bedroom but I do not know if she knows what it is for..

    Have a great day

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