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I understand that I’m not a small person — but really – the seats in planes were obviously designed to only accommodate the hips of skinny 14-year-old boys!

My first flight today illustrated this fact all too clearly.  It was a small plane and the seats were obviously designed by someone who had never seen a normal size person.  I squeezed into my seat, hugged my knees to my chest (because there wasn’t any leg room) and waited to take off.  There really wasn’t any need for a seat belt  because I was stuffed so tight into the seat, nothing short of a crowbar was going to get me out of that seat!  Since my flight was so early (5:45 am), I fell asleep despite starting to lose feeling in my right hip – sometimes exhaustion overcomes pain!

When I awoke approximately 2 hours later, not only had I lost feeling in my right hip, but I was pretty sure that I had a permanent indentation in my left hip – and I could no longer feel my legs below my knees.  I started worrying about how I was going to get out of my seat when we pulled into terminal – was I going to have to ask the stewardess (who, by the way, only weighed about 100 pounds soaking wet) to yank on my arms until I popped out of the seat?  Or possibly that burly gentleman I passed on my way down the aisle — no, that probably wouldn’t work, since he was probably in the same predicament.  Time was getting short – I had to think of something.  Possibly if I could start wiggling a little bit, I could jiggle my way out of my seat.  So, I started flexing one butt cheek and then the other (yes – I still have some muscles there!) – and pretty soon, I started feeling like my butt was moving a little — I could feel the blood starting to flow into my hips and then soon into my calves and ankles.  Luckily, I was not sitting next to anyone — it was one of those planes that had two seats on one side and one seat on the other – I was in the one seat.   The people across the aisle were a young couple who had lifted the arm so they were sitting next to each other – no problems there!

As we pulled into the terminal I breathed a sigh of relief – relief that I was going to be able get out of my seat, relief that there probably wasn’t any permanent damage due to lack of blood supply to my extremities – and relief that no one noticed me squirming for the last 10 minutes!  Now if I could just remember to duck as I stood up – and walk hunched over out of the plane — maybe I wouldn’t get a concussion to add to my maladies for the day!



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  1. They can be rather cosy but fortunately I’ve never had to travel on an really small plane. I just laugh when they suggest that I spent far too much money on purchasing extra legroom at booking and tell them I’m five foot nothing so it’s wasted on me. Happy (if squishy!) travels! 🙂

    • I try to volunteer for those exit rows every time — just don’t want to pay for them (and neither does my company) – so I will just have to suffer – all 5’10” of me!

  2. Where were you going on this titchy plane? Sounds like Easyjet! but I jest..

    I have given the Versatile Blogger Award to you..have you seen it yet?

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