To infinity (or insanity, whichever comes first) …

We’re here!

Yes – it is true — we are in Disney World!  The road here has already been like a sequel to Toy Story – or any other Disney misadventure!  My own part of the journey was relatively tame – other than my airline seats trying to squeeze me like an orange!  Pat, Jenny, Mike (Jenny’s hubby), Lizzie and Liam had a much more exciting trip – they drove all the way from Nebraska to Orlando — a mere 24 hour drive!

I think Lizzie and Liam weathered the ride just fine — Pat, on the other hand, may have to be put in a straight jacket after this is all over.  Not having been in the car, I can only guess at some of the delirium that started to set in as they approached my sister’s house in Alabama.  However, I do know that I received numerous text messages about lost credit/debit cards —

“Dad said to cancel his debit/credit cards.” (Pat doesn’t own a cell phone and couldn’t text if he had one — Jenny was his secretary through the entire exchange.)

“What the heck happened?” (me, while in one of my many meetings, typing below the table so I wouldn’t be too rude!)

“Oh never mind, he found the debit card.”

“But what about the credit cards.”

“He found the Visa.”

“The Visa Debit or Credit card”


“What about the Mastercard?”

“Oh – he found that one too.”

“What the heck is going on?”

“They fell out of his wallet.”

“The wallet that he can’t get out of his pant’s pocket because it is so full?”

“Yeh – he wants to know if he has any other cards in his wallet that he should worry about?”

“He doesn’t know what he has in his wallet?”

“He says that you should know what he has in his wallet.”

“And why would I know that?”

“Because you are in charge.”

At this point, it was easier to step out of the meeting and call — Pat was obviously having a serious break with reality — although I am usually in charge – my psychic and magical powers over Pat’s wallet have not worked for years and definitely don’t work over long distances.

So, as we start our tour of Disney World – it appears that Pat has already entered the realm of make-believe.


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