My New Diet Plan


Two Princesses and a Prince - the real reason for the trip!

I know I haven’t written a lot recently – but that’s because we have been in Disney World where I discovered a new diet – which I am surprised Disney hasn’t started writing books about and selling on TV.  Here is how it goes:

1.  Meals are a little pricey in Disney World – so make sure to take only a minimal amount of money.  This will only allow you one small meal a day.  This is what a fancy spa does and twice the cost (okay, probably at about the same cost) – but at least at Disney World you will have the rides to keep your mind off of how hungry you are!

2.  Wear a pair of those new tennis shoes which ares supposed to give you buns of steel, nice thighs and a stronger core just by walking around.  You are going to be doing A LOT of walking — so by the end you will be able to bounce a quarter off your butt (if you have any quarters left!).

3.  Make sure to go during the summer months — then you will sweat extra — which, again, is what the really good spas do with their saunas.  In Florida, during the summer, you get the same effect – plus you will get a tan without having to lay in a dirty tanning bed all day.

4.  Take at least one small child along, preferably under the age of 5.  This will require you to carry their sleeping bodies from the park to the bus to the hotel room — which is at least 3 miles.  Child should weigh a minimum of 30 pounds in order to get full effect.  This will give you a cardio workout as well as your weight lifting routine for strong bones.

To get the full effect of this diet, make sure to do one park a day – and definitely stay all day (12 hours).  You will definitely sleep like you are in a coma and won’t even miss the food you didn’t get to eat!

Who knew that the Happiest Place on Earth could also be the Healthiest!


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