Jello for Breakfast


E-lizabeth & Cinderella

While is Disney World, we treated my granddaughter, Lizzie (or E-lizabeth as she now introduces herself) to breakfast with the Princesses.  For those of you who don’t understand little girls and the Disney Princesses – here is a crash course — beautiful girls in beautiful dresses dancing to beautiful music with magical friends.  At Lizzie’s age, the Prince is just not that important – and in fact, she hides her eyes when they kiss at the end of the story.

Anyway — we scheduled a breakfast with the Princesses — Jenny (Lizzie’s Mom), Lizzie, myself – and we brought along Liam since he is technically still Lizzie’s minion.  Lizzie was dressed in her own princess outfit (a stylized version of Rapunzel) and she felt absolutely beautiful – and as her grandmother, I felt she looked the part also.

Breakfast itself is nothing special – eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, fruit and other pastries.  No – the real treat of the breakfast is the jello that appears at your table when Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White start coming through and greeting each little girl.  I don’t think I have ever seen a child actually sit in one place and quiver until I saw Lizzie watch Cinderella come through the door and stop to talk to her.  Lizzie had maintained her composure when she had met Belle as we came in the door, but the jello starting forming when Cinderella made a point to stop and talk to E-lizabeth!  The jello-fication became complete upon the appearance of Ariel who not only stopped at the table, but actually had a conversation with us about Sebastian (her lobster friend, for those of you unfamiliar with the story).

E-lizabeth was not the only one at the table affected by the entire experience – Liam was pretty good with Belle and Cinderella – but when Ariel showed up, he was completely discombobulated – he has a serious crush on this red-headed princess and proceeded to disappear behind his mother.  At this point, Snow White showed up at our table and asked Bashful to come out and talk to her — and another child was jello-fied.

E-lizabeth did manage to get some legs back in time to join the Princess parade through the restaurant and joined Ariel on their tour of the room – Liam didn’t recover until it was time to go.

And what about E-lizabeth’s mom and grandma — well, we became completely jello-fied when we saw the pure joy on E-lizabeth’s face – and I don’t think we have become solidified yet!


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  1. How sweet. I remember I used to ONLY want to be a princess at Halloween, nothing else! I can imagine how meeting all those princesses must have felt to E-lizabeth — like a dream come true! And she looks very princessy in her costume, as well. I wonder if we ever really completely grow out of the princess phase? I suspect I still have some princess fantasies lurking in the back of my mind somewhere!

  2. How sweet! Reminds me of the time we took the kids to the HK Disneyland and when my daughter spoke to Cinderella, she personally took her to meet her friend Belle. GG was in heaven the whole day!

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