Where Am I? Who Am I?


Is this heaven?

I’ve written a lot about Lizzie’s adventures lately – especially at Disney World – so I think it is only fair to write a little bit about Liam’s experience.  Liam, who is two years old, won’t probably remember a thing about his great adventure – but we definitely will!  Here are just a few highlights –

“Carry me! Carry me! Carry Me!…..”  This chant would continue until someone would pick him up – and it wasn’t because we didn’t have a stroller – he just wanted to be carried.  Which after 12 hours is a little too much – even for the Incredible Hulk!  For some reason, Liam didn’t want to sit in the stroller – but he also didn’t want his sister to sit in the stroller.  I’m not sure why he thinks we got the stroller – unless he thought we could use it as a walker for the old people – which believe me, by the end of the day we were doing just that!

“Buzzzzz and Woody!”  This was followed by a child who was so star-struck that he just stared blankly into space.  He couldn’t believe he was actually meeting his favorite buddies!  The only thing which was better was getting to meet Pluto – something about a boy and his dog.

A boy and his dog.

“Look, Ganma.  Look Ganpa.”  This was every ten seconds.  We couldn’t keep up with him.  Of course, whenever a Disney princess or even a pretty girl walked by, he immediately shut up and tried to hide behind the nearest available object.  He likes to flirt – but it has to be on his terms and if there isn’t something more interesting nearby.

He definitely had a great time – and like so many of the good times I have had in the past – he will remember that it was fun but no details.  Luckily, we have pictures and they will be brought out at the appropriate times in his life — first date, wedding, etc. – and the girls will love him all the more!


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  1. I always thought that Disney was for children but when we took my daughter Rebecca there when she was 14 it was fantastic. We went to the Florida one and I know that we all had a really great time. I would love to go again.
    Thank you for the post

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