How I Saved My Husband’s Life ….


Lucky - and Alive!

or at the very least prevented serious injury to his body.

There are studies which would tell you that by the very act of marrying me, my husband has extended his life by 20 years and become healthier.  Some of my husband’s friends would probably disagree with this – and possibly my husband at various times throughout our past 31 married years.  However, there are more tangible ways that I have saved his life – or least made sure he kept all of his fingers, toes, legs and arms.

I’ve made sure he goes to the doctor when he is ill.  This was especially true when he had pneumonia (not once, but twice) and he thought it would ‘just go away’.  I finally told him I wasn’t going to wait on him any longer unless he went to the doctor – which by that time, I had to practically carry him to the emergency room where they told him he had collapsed a lung.  I may not be Florence Nightingale – but I knew how to make sure he got to the doctor.

I’ve made sure he gets his eyes checked regularly.  He will tell you he doesn’t need glasses — but he really does.  He still thinks he can “exercise his eyes” and he will have perfect vision.  He has an optometrist and several pairs of glasses to prove that he is completely delusional on this point.  By making him get glasses and actually wear them, I prevented not only his own early demise or dismemberment – but possibly scores of innocent people also.  (See the story about his glasses.)

I make him change his socks every day — seriously!  The man thinks he can wear socks until they stand up on their own.  I have definitely save him from a serious case of athlete’s foot or even trenchfoot — and I know that others are extremely grateful for this – even if they are totally unaware of my nagging on this point.

The latest thing?  I bought a garage door opener for our new house yesterday – and I paid someone to install it.  Pat is not happy with this as he thought he could do it himself and lifting the garage door was not that hard.  By taking care of this I have saved his life in two ways — first, he won’t be falling off a ladder or electrocuting himself while installing the darned thing.  Second — I won’t have to kill him when I have to get out of the car during a heavy rain and try to open the garage door.

He is definitely a lucky man to have me!


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  1. I think that we would ALL agree with that Katie, Pat just does not realise what lengths you go to to keep him safe and healthy. Most men think that they can manage perfectly well without a woman but we all know that it is only a myth.

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