Dang! That hurts!

This is CDC Clinic Chief Nurse Lee Ann Jean-Lo...

Is it worth it?

I don’t care what anyone says — flu shots HURT!  And to make matters worse they are given by a nurse who is my baby daughter’s age – so I feel like I’m 100 years old talking to a young whipper snapper!  She talks to me like I’m three and says – “This is just going to hurt a little bit” and then proceeds to stick a needle the size of a garden spike into my upper arm.  To add insult to injury, she then very gently places a band-aid over the needle mark and says “Everything will be okay.  You may have a little soreness and possibly a slight fever – but you will be just fine.”

Fine according to what definition????  I know that part of it is psychosomatic – but I spend the afternoon with my left arm stiffening and my stomach starting to feel queasy.  Then my head starts to ache a little right behind my eyes – and I’m sure that I felt a stomach cramp.  Wait … am I feeling a little warm?  Now I can barely raise my arm above my head – which can only mean a couple of things — reaction to the flu shot, a heart attack or a stroke — what the hell have I done to myself?  Wouldn’t the flu be better than this?

Finally, after an eternity (which in real-time was about 5 minutes), sanity prevailed and all my symptoms disappeared.  Well, almost all my symptoms — I was still really warm, but I think that’s due to another condition I have called menopause!


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