Yes – I am a Burbler – and proud of it!

A normal home-office water cooler with 5gal. b...

As I was saying....

I admit it – I’m a burbler.  Sort of like that water cooler that stands in the corner and makes that funny burbling sound – just to make sure you know it is there — that’s me — only I burble all of the time and I don’t even have to have anyone around!

Burblers are not a rare breed, although some of us try to hide it.  Burblers who are trying to hide their true identity can be spotted immediately by their chapped lips and clenching jaws.  Some of them even have bloody tongues.  I’m not sure why they are punishing themselves – they need to embrace who they are and to heck with the rest of the individuals in the room!

So, it’s time for the burblers of the world to let themselves enjoy their time here on earth and OCCUPY THE ROOM – any room – it doesn’t matter.  Stop biting your lips and speak your mind — even if it only makes sense to you!  Don’t clench your teeth because you don’t want people to think you talk too much — too late!  They already think that, so why are you grinding your teeth to a pulp trying to be something you are not — let it go!

Burblers are a blessing on this earth — we are the ones who keep the conversation going – even after we leave a room, if for no other reason than people are talking about that nutcase who just left!

Burblers keep the conversation lively and keep other people from saying really stupid stuff.  You can think of us as a public service — we say the stupid things so you don’t have too!

And best of all burblers make everyone else in the room feel exceedingly normal because we share every single tidbit about our personal lives.  We have no problem telling you about our relatives who have been convicted, diagnosed and committed. In fact, we will share that information even if it is about ourselves — we have no shame – and it’s all public record anyway!

So, if you aren’t a burbler — the next time one takes over the conversation, thank that burbler for wanting to be the center of attention and making you look like a saint.

And if you are burbler in hiding?  Give it up!  You aren’t fooling anyone and if you hold all of those stories inside, you will explode and have to adopt the water cooler in the corner as your best friend!


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