Their eyes met and sparks flew…


Belle and her Beast

You know how this story goes — Cinderella and her prince, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming, Wilma and Fred (the Flintstones for those of you too young to remember).  Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl see each other across the room.  Boy and girl fall in love.  “It’s a story as old as time” to quote Mrs. Potts in Beauty and Beast (I know, I still have Disney on the brain).

Most of us remember when we were first smitten (or in some cases bitten) by Love.  I remember my first love – I was in kindergarten and he lived on my way home from school.  I was taller than he was — but then I was taller than everyone, so that didn’t leave many choices.  I remember being teased by my mother over my “boyfriend” and blushing violently – this would be the first of many times my mother would cause this reaction concerning boys/men in my life.  She seemed to take a perverse delight in making me turn the shade of a beefsteak tomato.

I remember when my daughter, Jenny came home in love for the first time.  Like me, she was in kindergarten.  I knew she was in love because she had brought home his artwork instead of her own.  She looked like a beefsteak tomato when I asked her about the little boy who belonged to the pilgrim’s hat she had in her backpack.  Her father thought we were going to have to put her in a convent because she obviously was already out of control.  I talked him out of that craziness and explained to him that this was completely normal – which was foreign to him since he had not started dating until he was 20 years old!

Now it is my granddaughter, Lizzie’s turn.  There is a young man in her pre-school class with whom she shares a special connection.  When Lizzie walks into the room, his eyes light up and he runs to her side to grab her hand and lead her to the play area.  They remain side-by-side during the day and say a loving good-bye at the end of the day.  Lizzie talks about him incessantly and waits impatiently for the next day when they can be together.

And how do we know it is true love?  Silly question — whenever his name is mentioned, Lizzie turns into a very large beefsteak tomato!


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  1. oh poor must be really awful for her…. let us hope that as time goes by her reaction will not be so rosy but will stay cool, calm and collected!

    Bless her

  2. Adorable! I was just speaking with my hairdresser yesterday about this very topic. Her 5 year old claims to have met the “woman of his dreams”, so he tells her. It is a cause for some concern, but mostly the fun is in how a 5 year old uses phrases he picks up.

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