Writer’s Block – or at least a small barricade


Just a small barricade - shouldn't be that scary - right?

I think I have a slight case of Writer’s Block – which if you had seen how many times I erased this opening sentence, you would understand!

I’m not quite sure why I haven’t been writing as much lately –

The grandkids are still really cute (at least to me).  They are still saying and doing crazy things that make me laugh almost every day.  There are lots of good pictures of them from Disney World I could share.  Today is Halloween and I’m sure there will be a couple of good ones of them in their costumes (Lizzie is Rapunzel – no surprises there – and Liam is Captain America – you have to say that with your hands on your hips and chin held high!).  I guess I figure people have had a enough of ‘cute’ for a while.

My own children still have lots of embarrassing stories – old and new – which I could share – and would get great amounts of pleasure from doing so!  I guess I’m a little hesitant because Christmas is coming and I would like some new perfume, a new set of cookware and possibly a really nice purse – so I don’t want to tick them off too badly.

My dear, sweet husband is always a good candidate for stories – he even has his own groupies who follow my posts about him.  He hasn’t brought home any ‘treasures’ lately and his granddaughter is missing our apartment ‘treasure chest’ (or dumpster as most normal humans call it).  Besides – same deal as with the kids – Christmas is coming and I do enjoy presents!

I still have lots of stories about my sisters and our childhood – my version, not theirs.  I could always ask one of them to be a ‘guest blogger’ but I’m afraid of the stories they would tell about me – and besides we all know what a control freak I am!

I do know of one piece I will be writing soon – my annual Christmas letter – which I will post after I have sent out all of my cards!  Maybe I’m just storing up ideas for that, much like a squirrel stores nuts for the winter – God knows there are plenty of nuts in my life!

Maybe I’ll just have to ‘stretch’ as a writer and start writing “An Ode to My Dusty Lamp” – or some such nonsense.  No – I don’t think that will work – no one to embarrass but myself – and what fun would that be!


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  1. Don’t worry Katie, when you are ready to write we shall all be ready to read..nobody is going anywhere.. sometimes having time off from blogging recharges the batteries and then you’ll be off again!

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