Tis the Season for ….

Christmas cookies (Left to right, top to botto...

To heck with Sugar Plum Fairies - give me COOKIES!

COOKIES!  The best part of Thanksgiving is that I start my Christmas baking that weekend.  I get to start making sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, pecan sandies, chocolate crinkles, raspberry ribbons and spritz cookies!  I know it sounds like a lot of work — but I love the smell of the spices in the cookies, the warmth of the house, getting to ‘eat’ the mistakes and of course, watching the kids (and now grandkids) decorate the cookies – nothing fancy – just pouring lots of colored sugar on top of sugary frosting – which means we are all ‘wired’ the entire month of December from a major sugar high!

I like finding at least one new cookie recipe to try and by Christmas I usually have a stack of recipes torn from holiday magazines.  I said I like to find new cookie recipes — I didn’t say I actually find the time to make them! I always have good intentions – but I never quite get there (kind of like my diet!).

My children have loved the cookies also — but their main complaint is about the baking process itself.  In the tradition of my mother, I bake cookies and then hide them – yes, hide them!  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have a single cookie on Christmas Day!  I’m not stupid – the same children who can devour an entire cake in one hour would have no trouble devouring six large tins of cookies in the same amount of time.  In fact, one year my son, Tim found the cookies — ate them all in record time and I had to start all over on my baking for the holidays.

I’ll be starting with sugar cookies.  I make about four triple-batches – the first one never makes it to oven since my children (okay, and sometimes me) eat all of the dough before I get a chance to bake the cookies.  That’s part of the tradition.  Then we will move on to two double-batches of everything else.  Then, of course, we will need to make some pumpkin pies just to round out the day.  There is no secret in our house about what leads to weight-gain over the holidays!

So — let the baking begin.  Start tearing those paper bags to cool those cookies!  Start those beaters going!  Let the flour and sugar flow!  Tis the Season for COOKIES!


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  2. My grandmother used to do her cookies early and freeze them. One year my Dad got into them and ate them all before Christmas. She was so mad at him!

    I don’t make cookies anymore – I’m the only one that eats them and I’m way too heavy for much goodies.

    Here’s a picture of my daughter when she was little and she made cookies with her cousin:


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