My Muse Needs a Fix

Detail of painting The Muses Urania and Callio...

My muse?

I always thought that I had a need to write because I was inspired – inspired by insanity, a dysfunctional family, a need for counseling, and probably even a slight tendency to be a narcissist.  I know that I have lots of ideas roaming inside my brain (some would say rattling around in a lot of empty space).  I like to tell stories – and there are those who are very grateful that I started writing so they don’t have to listen to me tell the same ones over and over and over.  I like the idea that there is a muse living beside me who is constantly feeding me energy and words.  Sometimes the muse takes a little break from pushing me to create – oh, let’s be honest – the muse can take a VERY long break – which can be maddening!

It has been during my muse’s recent vacation, that I have begun to realize that inspiration is not the only reason I write – and maybe that’s why my muse is on her Bahama cruise.   I think I have always been this way – but the analytics provided by WordPress finally made me face the truth about myself.  Yes, it’s true – I need an incentive to write.

I have different incentives which push my creative buttons –

  • The flush of excitement when I finish writing a good story.  It’s like a drug and it provides the incentive the next story – sometimes.
  • The sound of laughter when someone reads one of stories.  Also like a drug – but with the added smile on my face – so probably more like a lot of really good wine.
  • Watching those numbers go up as people view my posts.  Yeh – it’s like watching a slot machine come up with all of the right symbols and winning the jackpot – makes me want to put more quarters in the machine and repeat the win!  Definitely an incentive.

So apparently my muse has a small drug, alcohol and gambling problem which is handled by some of my writings.  I think she went on her cruise because with my recent slight writer’s block she wasn’t able to get her fix.  I’m not sure where she went, but she seems to be back – I can already feel the adrenaline kicking in and am ready to start the next story – I hope it is enough to keep her around for a while!


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  1. very cute! Thanks for sharing – love hearing about the different reasons why you may be drawn to blogging. It is good to hear others’ incentives and compare them to my own. Your writing is wonderful and entertaining and heartfelt. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping my muse kicks me in the butt occasionally so I keep on posting regularly – that is, if she doesn’t get lost in a casino somewhere!

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