I Just Don’t Get It…


A virus worth catching

That people take pepper spray with them to a shopping event to make sure they can ward off individuals who are after the stuff they want.  Since when did shopping become a contact sport?  And since when is pepper spray something that is a necessity, like your credit cards, for shopping?  Is this really the way we should start the Christmas Season – “Get away from my stuff you *$%&! or you’ll be sorry!  Oh yeh – Merry Christmas!”  I just don’t get it.

That people are willing to give up a day of relaxation and food to camp out at a Best Buy so they can buy the latest, greatest gadget.  I understand some people don’t want to be with their crazy relatives on Thanksgiving – but isn’t camping out on a sidewalk for two days going to extremes?  This might make sense if the place was inside a mall or if it was in the southern states where it is warm – no, it still doesn’t make sense.  I just don’t get it.

That people can still frown and be all ‘Grinchy’ even when they hear a child humming ‘Deck the Halls’ or see one dancing to ‘Jingle Bells’.  Don’t they recognize the Spirit of Christmas when it is standing right in front of them?  How can you not catch a little of that infectious joy from that pulsating little body of Christmas Cheer?  Why aren’t you singing along instead of growling about all the noise and ruckus?  I just don’t get it.

I just don’t get it and I hope I never will.


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  1. Me too! I think that they are all stark raving mad..and should see a doctor. Using pepper sprays is downright , greedy, stupid and dangerous… but unfortunately Katie this is the world we live in..and I think it will get worse!

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