MY 12 Days of Christmas


Sometimes even Santa can't help!

We all know the song about the 12 Days of Christmas and what someone’s ‘true love’ gave to him or her.  Well, personally, I don’t need a bunch of lords and ladies leaping about my house – I finally got rid of all my own children and I don’t need the aggravation from a bunch of dancing fools.  I definitely don’t want the geese, French hens, calling birds, swans, turtle doves and a partridge leaving poop all over my nice new house and lawn!  And let’s not even talk about what would be left behind by what the maids are milking!  This only works if part of the package is a large estate where everything can roam free (including the lords and ladies)!

However, I do have some wishes for Christmas – and if I could get something for each 12 days of Christmas – I think that would work out just fine.  So here is my list (hope you are listing, Santa!).

1st  Day of Christmas – One great big kiss from my hubby.  It’s like the christening the Titanic.

 2nd Day of Christmas.  Two extra hands – so I can get the baking, cleaning, wrapping, shopping and decorating done on time.

 3rd Day of Christmas.  Three more extension cords – how am I ever going to get all of those darn lights to light up without being plugged in!

 4th Day of Christmas.  Four tanks of gas – so I can run all over town getting those gifts and delivering the Christmas cookies I baked with my two extra hands!

5th Day of Christmas.  Five minutes to take a deep breath!

6th Day of Christmas.  Six rolls of wrapping paper.  The darn things won’t wrap themselves and we have to have something to tear open on Christmas morning.

7th Day of Christmas.  Seven empty boxes.  Need to wrap some more presents and don’t want people guessing about the t-shirts and socks I gave them!

8th Day of Christmas.  Eight extra hands – still need to finish the shopping, baking, cleaning and decorating.

9th Day of Christmas.  Nine more hours in a day.  Just until Christmas Eve.  I really could put that time to good use – sleeping, eating – maybe even brushing my teeth!

10th Day of Christmas.  Ten minutes to sit down, drink some eggnog and remember how lucky I am.

11th Day of Christmas.  Eleven blank Christmas Cards – who are these people sending me these things at this late date!  Now I have to send them one in return!

12th Day of Christmas.  Twelve kisses from my hubby.  To the victor go the spoils – I survived – therefore I am the victor!

May you get your heart’s desire over the 12 Days of Christmas – and survive to tell the tale!


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  1. Very Good Katie,, kisses on the first day and kisses on the last as well ..that is no bad going….
    have you put this song to music as well or is the music the same as the original

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