Christmas 2011 — Mickey, Treasures – and of course – FISH


We found the FISH!

It’s time for your yearly dose of insanity from the Gurnett’s!  I just want to assure you that it is not contagious, but it may give you a serious case of the “Thank God, I’m Not Part of That Family!”.  We had another fun-filled adventure this year –  new locations, new destinations, new experiences – and believe it or not – we even worked in some FISH!  Our first big adventure this year was that Pat and I bought a new house – in fact, we had it built so we are the first ones to mark up the walls and scratch the floors!  You can see the progression of our new home from empty lot to our ‘castle’ by going to the page Our New House– there are even pictures for those of you who don’t want to read!  I took up ‘blogging’ this year – mostly to irritate my family and tell stories about them – but thought it would be a great way to keep a record of the building of our house.  It was really exciting to see the walls go up – and then to watch Liam take a green crayon and baptize our walls after they were painted.  I’m still wondering about the five adults who were in the room at the same time and not one of them noticed him walk all the way down the hall leaving a green line in his wake.  Liam will probably be two inches shorter than he should have been because when Grandma (that would be me) yelled at him, I scared him half to death – he figured those big white easels were his to decorate any way he liked!  We moved into our new home in July and we were apparently bored by September – because that is when we decided to go to Disney World for four days!  Now pay attention because this is where the fish figure into the story.  Jenny, Mike, Lizzie, Liam, Pat and I spent four wonderful days together atMagicKingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom andHollywood – riding roller coasters, meeting princesses, watching shows, oohing at fireworks and doing a lot of walking – and I do mean a lot of walking!  Lizzie’s favorite ride was the Thunder Mountain Rollercoaster and the raft ride in Animal Kingdom – she would have spent all day doing those if she didn’t need to meet her fellow princesses.  Liam loved meeting his idols – Buzz Lightyear and Woody – he was so stunned he couldn’t even talk – which for someone in this family is quite a feat!  Pat even enjoyed the entire experience (although he grumbled about it for weeks before) and is already planning on going back in a couple of years.  We even managed to see a few fish while we were there – at the Rainforest Café in giant aquariums – and don’t forget Nemo and Dora!  Told you there were fish!

Lizzie and Liam keep Jenny and Mike very busy.  Lizzie (4 years old) is in pre-school and dance.  She played T-ball this summer, but we are pretty sure she inherited her uncles’ ability to play the sport.  She spent a lot of time chasing butterflies in the outfield and talking to the children on the other team about her dogs – usually as she was running around the bases which tended to slow things down a bit.  Liam (2 years old) likes to spend his time with Grandpa in the new basement where he can run around without causing any problems – or at least ones I don’t know about.  Jenny should finish her business degree in the spring – which will give her more time to chase Liam around! 

Bob is working full time for American National Bank as a techie for their computer help desk.  He is also going to school full-time and is hoping to get his degree by the end of next year.  He has also joined the blogging world since he couldn’t spend all of his free time watching basketball – and of course, he decided to write about that very thing and take up a new sport – hockey!  Although he knows nothing about hockey (other than it is played on ice and there are lots of fights) – he was interviewed by the Toronto Star (a major Canadian paper) and even mentioned in the on-line version of the Wall Street Journal!  Wow – so much for needing to know what you are talking about in order to make a splash in the world!

Tim and Sanaz have been seeing the world this year.  They visitedTurkeyin February (met Sanaz’s family) and have been touring theUnited Statesthe rest of the time.  Tim spent a couple of weeks inSouth Koreawith his Navy Reserve Unit and then went straight toPrescott,Arizonawhere he just completed his forest fire-fighter training.  He then took his very lonely wife, Sanaz on a trip along theCaliforniacoast.  Tim is still attending UNO and Sanaz has started taking classes andMetroCommunity College– when they take a break from all of their travels.

Becky and Pete decided to stay in Omahainstead of moving to New York.  Becky loves her job as a nurse at MethodistHospitaland Pete was offered a great job at ConAgra.  They ‘adopted’ a puppy and named him Hank.  He is a dachshund-chocolate lab mix (I don’t even want to know how that happened).  We haven’t started heckling them about grandkids yet – maybe we’ll start the nagging in about a year.  After all, Hank may be cute – but there aren’t the same ‘payback’ moments with a dog – you can’t take him in a store with you and watch him scream & cry when he doesn’t get that toy he wanted.  Yeh – definitely need those ‘payback’ moments.

Pat and I are doing great.  We love the new house – and Pat has started moving stuff from Jenny’s house (our old house).  He cleaned out from under the stairs – which yielded a few ‘treasures’ which I deemed worth keeping.  Unfortunately, Pat thought everything was worth keeping and a lot of it found its way into my unfinished basement.  We still have to clean out the garage – and move the 1948 Willy’s Jeep into our new garage – where he can tinker with it.  And while he is distracted doing that – I will go through those ‘treasures’ he thought he could hide and they will go to ‘treasure heaven’.

May you and yours enjoy a very Merry Christmas and may your New Year be full of new adventures, new destinations and new experiences – and may all of your ‘treasures’ be worth keeping!


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  1. Thank you Katie.
    You have had a very busy year in your family and also during that time you have given your readers much enjoyment with your blog, let us all look forward to another year ahead with my blogging friends

    Happy Christmas to you all and happy New Year

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