Grandpa & Lizzie Build A House


The "experience"

While the other grandfathers and fathers were helping their young apprentices build the perfect gingerbread house – placing each window in the right place, putting just the right candy in just the right spot – Grandpa Pat told Lizzie the real way to build their house.  It didn’t involve making sure that the peppermints were used for windows or the gumdrops be put on the roof only.  No – the real objective was to grab as much candy as possible and place it anywhere it would stick!

With that goal in mind, their gingerbread house began to look like something from the movie The Money Pit‘ – a construction zone which resembles a missile testing zone!  Lizzie and Grandpa Pat even managed to secure enough candy to give the home a lawn – or at least lawn ornaments – which ever you would like them to resemble.

So – although they will never be named Gingerbread Architects of the year – and definitely not be shown on HGTV – Lizzie had the time of her life – and Grandpa was able to teach her that it isn’t about what you build together – it’s the experience of building together that really counts!



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  1. Grandpa is so is the wonderful experience of building together..whether its a gingerbread house or life…doing things together is far more fun than doing it alone.

    Happy New Year to Katie, Pat and Lizzie and everyone else in the house

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