A New Year – A New Promise


The main reasons I'm crazy!

Last year at this time I was joining the WordPress PostADay2011 Challenge.  I was excited to try writing every day – I told my hubby I was going to participate and he just rolled his eyes and ignored me – little did he know that a lot of my stories would involve him and all of his glorious craziness!  There were stories about my children, which were told mainly to embarrass them and to save me the time, trouble and expense of a therapist.  There were stories about my dreams to be a writer (or a horse – whichever came first).  There were stories about my own dysFUNctional childhood – including my sisters and my mother.  I wrote about building our new home and the fun of seeing something grow out of nothing.  And then, there were random thoughts about absolutely nothing – but they filled the page and released a need to write.

I didn’t quite fulfill my pledge – but I did much better than I originally thought — I made it past the six month mark, my children were thoroughly humiliated – mainly because all of their friends read my posts and would call them about their crazy mother and my hubby has his own ‘groupies’ who follow my stories about it.  I’ve made friends in other countries (which is pretty darn cool) and I’ve seen life through others eyes.

Now, the big question — will I make the same kind of pledge this year?  Scary thing about it — I actually contemplated it – for about 15 seconds – and then I realized that I can’t write about things happening in my life if all of my time is taken up with writing!  I think I have grown as a writer – so I accomplished my main goal – to really focus on writing and learn how to put my thoughts on a page – but mainly to have no fear.  It seems odd, but what the challenge really changed for me was that I no longer fear people not liking my writing – or that I’m not good enough.  I have more confidence – and I have stayed true to my voice — only it is now more clear (at least to me) and a lot more fun.

So – this year I won’t be posting every day – but I definitely will post more than once a week.  I’ll still write about my family and what is happening around me – and possibly what is happening inside my head.  There are still lots of stories to be told – that’s why I have this wonderful, loving, crazy family who put the FUN back in dysfunctional – plus, I still can’t afford psychotherapy!


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  1. Hi, I love the picture by the way. I began with a fear of writing and lack of confidence too – was terribly afraid people would think I was a bad writer or a bad something. who knows really – lol! The more I write on my own blog and on SheIsDallas.com (a Dallas blog for women) – the more confidence I gain. I admire your honesty.

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