Ahhhh – that smell – that wonderful smell!


Her fragance? Zest, of course!

We found out, quite by accident, that Lizzie (our granddaughter) will never have to be courted with expensive perfumes or beautiful smelling roses.  No – the fragrance which makes her swoon is nothing as sophisticated as the latest designer perfume – even if it is by Justin Beiber or Beyoncé – thank goodness!  You can’t buy her heart with a pretty bottle filled with aromas of flowers, powder and God only knows what else.

No – the way to Lizzie’s heart is through a bar of Zest soap.  Yes, it can be that simple – our 4-year-old diva carried around a bar of Zest soap all afternoon, holding up to her nose and deeply inhaling the wonderful fragrance.  She had found this utterly delightful scent when ‘helping’ her grandfather put the bathroom back together after he had painted it.  She immediately grabbed the easy-to-carry bar of soap, stuck it under her nose, inhaled deeply and promptly asked if she could take this delightful scent home with her to sleep with that night.  She rubbed the dry bar on her clothes, hoping that the scent would cling to her little body – and promised she was going to bathe with it every day and keep it close to her body all of the time.

I, for one, am very thankful for this discovery of Lizzie’s taste in perfume.  I’m going to buy her a bar of soap, wrap it in a pretty cloth and tell her it is a sachet of her favorite scent, to put in her drawer to keep her clothes smelling nice.  Total cost of present – about $1.  Whenever she wants to put on perfume – I’m going to rub her down with a bar of Zest.  A lot cheaper than $50 for a bottle of perfume named after a celebrity!

My one hope?  That her tastes stay this simple – finding a bar of soap and loving the smell enough to carry it around all day.  She will definitely enjoy life a lot more – as we all would.  Now – I may change my mind if she suddenly switches to apple pie being her ‘scent’ – that’s a little more difficult to wrap in cloth for a sachet and I definitely don’t think it’s a good idea that she slather her body with it!


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