Three rubber ducks in foam bath


I was talking to a friend today who had had a particularly rough day – you know the type of day — dozens of people stopping by your desk (including the boss) asking questions and wanting everything right now, children calling because they are having a bad day and then the spouse adding to the turmoil!    As we were talking, she mentioned that she needed a “Calgon Moment” – a good soak in a hot bath with lots of bubbles.  I reminded her that the last time she did that, we were in a suite at a conference and a complete stranger walked in on her while she was soaking in her bubbles.  That made her giggle and she admitted that she was very thankful the bubbles which had protected her from being embarrassed even more!

The story reminded me that we all spend a lot of time being thankful for our friends, our family, our health, our jobs, our faith – but on days that try our patience and our sanity – maybe what we need to be thankful for are bubbles.  We need to remember the times we were saved by the little things that make us laugh years later – because the reality is that we need a little laughter to help us through these tough days – and bubbles are just the thing to do that.

Bubbles are those things which protected us from a near disaster — real bubbles as in my friend’s case – or it could be the friend who stopped you right outside the bathroom door and told you your dress was tucked inside your pantyhose.  Maybe it was the dog who chewed up those really ugly shoes you loved even though everyone told you how awful they were.  Or how about the small dirty child in your arms who made people smile and not notice that your own shirt had a big splat of mustard down the front.

So – next time you have one of ‘those days’, be thankful for the bubbles in your life which not only protected you in a time of need – but also bring a smile to your face when needed most!


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