How I Fail at Being Florence Nightingale


My hubby has a terrible cold.  As is the case with most men, he is a terrible patient and a big baby all at the same time.  He refused to go to the doctor, even though he has spent the last three nights sleeping in a sitting position so he won’t cough all night.  He won’t take any medicine and he refuses to take a day off work to get some rest.

Florence Nightingale from Carte de Visite

The REAL Florence Nightingale

Apparently this is all my fault because I have failed at being Florence Nightingale.  Let’s be clear – I have had some minor medical training (emergency medical technician, basic first aid, mother of four) – but when I tell him to see the doctor, take his medicine and stay home from work, I’m not being very helpful – I’m being a nagger.  When I finally get frustrated enough to yell at him because he is being stupid and not even trying to get well – or I’m just plain tired of fetching him water when he refuses to take his medicine – or my sympathy has dried up after the one millionth complaint about how bad he feels — I’m not being a good nurse and it’s my fault that he is not recuperating.

It’s a darn good thing he doesn’t get sick very often – or I would definitely succeed at being Lizzie Borden!

English: Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden wouldn't have tolerated whiners!


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  1. Like Pat I too am suffering but not making so much fuss…My Husband has just had two critical operations and is now recovering at home and I am supposed to be the nurse, waitress, teamaker and general dogsbody so I know just how you feel.

    Lemon and Honey for his cold with paracetamol and rub some Vick on the soles of his feet and put on warm bedsocks…sounds daft but i am trying it out too

  2. My husband is the same way — he loves to whine about how bad he feels, but won’t do anything to help himself, nor will he let me do anything. Not a thing you can do about it, except leave them alone. Ridiculous.

  3. We’ve joked about the clear line between myself and my hubby and sons on this topic. They all love to pampered and babied when they don’t feel good- I just want to be left alone! So unfair!

    • The reason I want to be left alone when I’m sick is because #1 – they usually gave me the bug and #2 – they don’t want to pamper me, they want me to make dinner, find their socks, talk to them — all of the things I DON’T want to do!

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