If I were you…


The wise sage with the mouse ears!

Nothing good ever starts with these words — absolutely nothing.  “If I were you..” is always followed by things such as –

  • I wouldn’t wear my hair that way, it makes a person look fat (old, short, ugly – whatever).
  • I wouldn’t paint my house that color (because it looks stupid, ugly and makes my house look dingy).
  • I wouldn’t take that job (because then you wouldn’t be as miserable as me and more importantly, you would be making more money).
  • I wouldn’t let my kids do that (usually said by a person with NO CHILDREN!).
  • I wouldn’t…
  • I wouldn’t…

It just goes on and on.  Usually I ignore these types of remarks – or I have a smart-aleck remark which unfortunately I don’t always think of until a couple of days after the event.  However, lately my loving hubby has started to make this remark about my blog – “If I were you…

  • I would write about whatever came into my head.
  • I would write about spaceships and flying cars, trips to Mars and beyond!
  • I would write about the adventures I could have and the sights I to be seen!
  • I would have SOMETHING to write about EVERY DAY!

As his list goes on and on, it becomes apparent that he has completely forgotten the last year, where I blogged almost every day and wrote of nincompoops and junk mail, adventures with my crazy children, my crazy sisters and my crazy husband – and I wrote SOMETHING EVERY DAY for most of the year!  So much for my hubby paying attention to what is going on in my life.  However, it would be useless pointing these things out to him so my answer is always the same —

“Dear, if you want to share your thoughts, your adventures as a Hans Solo or James Bond, I would be happy to show you how to set up your own blog or post on mine.”

“Oh no – I couldn’t do THAT — I wouldn’t want to have everyone reading my stuff!”

“Well, if I were you…”, I start to reply.


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  1. Hey I wish I had more reply’s as well. It’s really not that hard to stop for a second and leave a nice comment or hit LIKE. I try to do this alot. I hope you keep blogging as this is a great post today…

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