Sit on it – or how I babysat my sisters


Just another babysitting job

My sisters would be the first to tell you that I was a TERRIBLE babysitter – but then they were terrible to BABYSIT!  I am larger than my sisters (and always have been) – but that didn’t stop my sisters from calling me names when I was put in charge while my mother was at work or out with friends.  You know the kind of names I’m talking about – fatso, lard-butt, stinky-face, fatty-fatty-two-by-four-can’t-get-through-the-bathroom-door — it’s a good thing they loved me!

So, when I finally got tired of being called names, I would chase them down and sit on them until they couldn’t breath – which of course, stopped the name calling.  Plus — it didn’t leave any marks I had to explain to our mother later on.  I’m sure my sisters have all spent many hours in therapy because of my babysitting techniques!

When I saw this picture today, it brought back lots of fond memories – so I just had to share!


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