The Desk


The 29 step plan to a desk!

We decided we needed a nice desk for our new front guest bedroom – I think my hubby is tired of me using the kitchen table for all of my writing, bill paying, staring at the computer.  So we went to the local furniture store – which is ALWAYS an experience because the darn place is soooo huge!  Okay — I have to be honest — we didn’t go to the furniture store to get a desk – we were actually there for a bookshelf which was on sale — but on the way we found a desk – and an office chair!  It is true that we wanted a desk for the front room — but that wasn’t really on the list that day!

Anyway — found the desk – didn’t buy the bookshelf (didn’t like the color and style once we saw it – talk about deceiving advertising!).  It’s a nice corner desk – and like everything else at Nebraska Furniture Mart – it was on sale!  And you can’t have a new desk without a nice office chair — that folding chair just won’t do any longer – and guess what?  It was on sale too!  What luck!

Chair and desk are bought — we don’t want to pay delivery fee – so we decide to take them home ourselves.  Drove up the delivery bay and they wheeled out two large boxes — yes boxes!  You see — for this low discount price – you get to build the furniture yourself!  Just an added bit of excitement to the purchase.  Usually, this just entails adding some minor piece – but not so in this case.

The chair was relatively easy — maybe 6 steps — legs, middle, seat, back, arms – ta da!  A real chair.  Not quite so easy with the desk.  The desk had over 100 pieces — there was nothing ‘built’ about this desk!  Pat (my hubby) has put off assembling it for a week – but due to the snowstorm this morning which limited our ability to get out and about — he felt the urge to finally get it done.

I did manage to talk him into assembling it in the bedroom/office instead of the living room – he had put together a crib once in the living room and then had to take it apart in order to get it in the bedroom.  He claims this wasn’t the case but I remember the swearing and yelling – and I’m pretty sure our unborn child (our oldest – Jenny) was permanently scarred by the whole scene.  I do know that she tends to leave when her father is assembling stuff (as do all my children!).

He has now been building the desk for 4 hours — almost done — no swearing yet – but I did notice that he has put the desk together in a part of the room which will require some major contortions in order to get it where it is supposed to sit permanently.  I’m thinking about shoveling walks or getting lost in the snowstorm for a few hours – hopefully when I get back there won’t be any holes in the walls and the desk will still be assembled.


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