Web MD Is A Fear Monger


I just HAD to reblog this because at first I thought it had been written by either my mother-in-law or my husband (see earlier post on Crazy People). I am relieved to see she isn’t the only crazy person who trusts WebMD – and from now on, when she says she has the list of symptoms mentioned in this piece — I’m going to tell her she is a werewolf — just as plausible and a lot more fun to talk about!

I'm Not Famous and Neither Are You

I understand that this is a bold statement and that many of you out there love Web MD, myself included. However, time and again, I have gone to the site only to feel panicked and worried by my visit. It has a way of feeding my hypochondria that the medical dictionary my mother keeps in a kitchen cabinet does not.

The first time that Web MD led me astray was when I had mono during my sophomore year of college. They call mono the “kissing disease” because it is supposedly transferred through saliva, however it is also an airborne illness. The “kissing disease” moniker attracted a lot of unnecessary questions regarding who I had been kissing. If you knew me, you knew it was no one because of my relative lack of a social life, as aforementioned in the last blog titled, “It’s Not Me, It’s You.”

My doctor at…

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